• It is said that God said ” I am that I am”. I believe that it is a mistranslation and what he actually said was “I am what I am”.
  • I believe that in order to be properly balanced we must never be at extremes.  The Buddha said “not too loose and not too tight”. I believe he did not mean in meditation alone but in all aspects of life. In body mind and spirit extremism or obsession is something to be avoided.
    We are born male and female – so we start with being at an extreme and try to find balance.
    Most of us find that by being with a being of the opposite gender which helps to bring balance into our lives. I have been trying to get in touch with my feminine side and find a soul mate.
    Now trying to think what sort of being my soul mate should be.

 (If anyone agrees or disagrees with these comments, then that                                                                    may be too tight or too loose.

  • The injunction to “not sweat the small stuff” is easier said than done.
  • We all live at different speeds – it is difficult to find someone living at the same speed as ourselves.
  • What am I here for? To learn, to teach and to advance on my spiritual path. Why are you here?