It came to me in a dream that all the people connecting through social media, taking “selfies” (the latest update to the Oxford English Dictionary) and getting themselves into the news either on TV or other media are people trying to “be noticed” that they are here for a while.

They are shouting to be recognised. 

Is there no-one else, in all the world, in all the religious movements who realises that every single one of us is truly recognized by spirit, god, the other side, (however you want to call it)?

Why is there a need to be recognised here on this planet where we live for just a blink of an eye in cosmic terms when we are all immortal, indestructible souls/spirits.

This is just the samsaric ego trying to take control. 

Talking of control do you notice how all the big corporations try to control everyone? Sad really!


since mid-September 2013 until mid-January 2014 – hence the absence of posts.

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Somewhere in the world is the place you love the most.

Take or get a photo of it so that you can look at it often.

Memorise it.

When you get upset by your dragons (anger, fear, frustration etc)

Think of the place you love, that will let your heart know

it is safe and not in danger.

Dragons as depicted by popular myth are completely wrong.

Dragons were gentle giants, caring and compassionate.

The real dragons that exist today are in peoples minds.

They are:





and many other negative emotions.


Be gentle with them – love them – and they will calm down and love you back.



Once again I am travelling – been busy getting organized.

While I am gone I expect to work more on this site.


I am constantly surprised at the BS that is put out into the cosmos.

I read today that someone has declared that anger is the root cause of all our ills.

Such nonsense.

Surely it is obvious what the real root cause is:




re-invented myself.

I am now a psychic and am attending wellness fairs in order to help people.

I have an office in Windsor Nova Scotia which I go to on Wednesdays and otherwise by appointment.

I teach on Thursday evenings at the office.

This is why there has been a gap in my blog – so much to do enlightening the planet.

Be well, be nice and love everybody and everything.

Earlier this year I had a strange dream:

I dreamed that I was being told that God, in order to bring some sanity to the world, invented Santa Klaus. In order to reinforce the idea,

he took off his flowing white robes, put on a red suit and with his red sleeping cap still on his head,

found some magical reindeer and a magical sleigh and, being God,

stopped time at midnight on 24th December each year to deliver presents to all the children in the world.

Of course he missed some, the one that were naughty and the ones he couldn’t see.

He chose December 24th because that was when it normally snowed which put a little extra magic into the situation

and it fell neatly into the gap between Autumn and Easter.