See how the Earth is at our feet – it is the base on which we walk through life.

It takes us on journeys through continents, over hills and dales and is solid, faithful and rich.

The seed is planted deep within it’s being.

Life giving rain flowing over the pebbles, filling the stream,

bringing coolness to the hard sunbaked surface.

It brings sustenance to the Earth – mixes with it and then releases

it’s nutrients so that the seed can grow – sprouting through the Earth.

The Sun brings it’s beauty of warmth to the Earth,

filling the Seed with Love – it grows further and further upwards

A mighty tree grows – stands proudly.

Wind rustles musically through it’s leaves, spreading life sustaining oxygen to the Earth.

So too are we! First a seed – nurtured by the Love of good people,

lessons learnt, Karma paid – forever growing gently, safely

within the knowledge imparted by our Souls – always inquisitive, always growing.

Meeting ourselves again – our fellow travelers again, on our experiences across many lifetimes.

Through all our heartaches and joys – tears and laughter,

until we stand true and proud like the mighty tree,

gently swaying in the breeze – emanating Love and Light.

Sent from my sister in South Africa (another special being)